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  Getting with the Times! 

Wyoming tapping into the most opportune

alternatives to incarceration and offender recidivism prevention.


What is Wyoming Pretrial Services (WPS)?

A pretrial diversion program and service.  Whose mission is to help promote the betterment of the candidate and the community.  Through the proactive prevention of recidivism, relapse, and any violations of required conditional obligations to be met with a court or other agency. By providing the community of Wyoming  with a knowledgeable and professional service to do so with. Through the incorporation of a program with clear and concise directives for all candidates.  Our service works well in junction with other agencies who may need the support of trial-type periods and services for moderate to higher-risk persons.

What is a Pretrial Services Agent (PSA)?

Pretrial Services Agents (PSA) 

Simply the professional-employees, agents, sub-agents, and contractors of WPS who all help put together our program. For all intents and purposes it mainly refers to the "Agent" who is monitoring a person(s) who are required to meet certain conditional obligations brought by a court or other agency.  WPS, as a whole, is comprised  mostly from a network of Certified Counselors, Certified Event Interventionist,  licensed surety agents, and other certified professionals trained to provide the products and services we offer. The Agent is responsible for the candidate monitoring and enrollment process & orientation, and ensures that they understand & agree to the terms & conditions of WPS.  Further, they are obliged to report, to the court or other agency requiring such conditional obligations, any monitoring information obtained that may prove to be adverse to the candidate or their case.  Although, only to do so neutrally and without any prejudices.  Lastly, the PSA may monitor candidate obligations such as WPS-fees,  WPS-monitoring, fines, residence, work, school, counseling  or treatment, as may be recommended,  required or ordered; and reports any possible adverse information obtained from such.  Further, the PSA may also provide periodic progress reports for those candidates who are successful in our program. 

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