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By: Wyoming Pretrial Services SM

Pretrial Services Agent (PSA)

"A court may order that a defendant remain in the custody of a designated person who agrees to assume supervision and to report any violation of a release of condition."

Wyoming Pretrial Services brings to life the concept of a true pretrial program with one-on-one monitoring by a PSA.  One that can be trusted by both the candidate and agency. 

  • All pre-trial services are supervised by a a custodian or "PSA".
  • Works as standalone service for low-risk candidates.
  • Candidate-Agent meetings op to 4x or more monthly.
  • Provides candidate firective and  supervision.
  • Verifies compliance through home, work, school, or monitoring.
  • Reports to defense, prosecutors, court, agency, and/or LEO

What services does WPS and the Pretrial Services Agent provide?

Wyoming Pretrial Services (WPS) is responsible for monitoring certain conditional obligations set by court or other agency, such as drug or alcohol testing, location monitoring, curfew, and other conditions, imposed by a court or other agency. Many candidates will be assigned to a Pretrial Services Agent (PSA) who is responsible for notifying your attorney, court, LEO, or other agency if these conditions are, or are not, being followed. WPS can help in a variety of ways. Such as help voluntarily surrender on an outstanding bench warrant, obtain drug treatment, mental health treatment, or other social services (such as temporary shelter, government-issued identification, job listings, GED, etc.).

What is custodian monitoring

This is a condition of release that designates an individual who agrees to assume supervision of the defendant and report any violations of release conditions to the Court. The custodial supervisor must inform the Court if they believe the defendant will fail to appear or, if they believe the defendant’s behavior to be a danger to the community.

As it relates to Wyoming Pretrial Services, it is the Pretrial Services Agent who is responsible for monitoring and reporting. All services provided are supervised by a custodian monitoring agent or PSA. 

What are conditions of release

A court in Wyoming may impose such conditions which may reasonably assure the appearance of the person as required and the safety of any other person and the community, which may include the condition that the person: Remain in the custody of a designated person who agrees to assume supervision and to report any violation of a release condition to the court if the designated person is able reasonably to assure the judicial officer that the person will appear as required, and will not pose a danger to the safety of any other person or the community;

Maintain employment, or if unemployed, actively seek employment;

Maintain or commence an educational program;

Abide by specified restrictions on personal associations, place of abode, or travel;

Avoid all contact with an alleged victim of the crime and with a

potential witness who may testify concerning the offense;

Report on a regular basis to a designated law enforcement agency, or other agency;

Comply with a specified curfew;

Refrain from possessing a firearm, destructive device, or other

dangerous weapon;

Refrain from the use of alcohol, or controlled substances

Satisfy any other condition that is reasonably necessary to assure the appearance of the person as required and to assure the safety of any other person and the community.

What is considered a violation, and what happens after

A violation occurs when a candidate breaches a condition ordered by court or other agency. As it relates to custodial monitoring (or PSA) it is considered when a candidate breaches any court or other agency ordered obligation or condition , or if there is breach of WPS rules for monitoring in any way. Any violation that occurs will be reported immediately to one or more of the following appropriate agencies: the prosecuting attorneys, court, LEO, or other agency.

***The Custodian may not only report violations, but also any progress and completion of program outlines. 

We would like to answer any questions you may have, please give us a call.

1 (307) 288-0247

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