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24/7 Soberbreath BAC Monitoring

By: Wyoming Pretrial Services SM

Soblerlink VS. SCRAM

Frank Kopcynski of Tampa Bay Monitoring detail the pros and cons of using Soberlink VS SCRAM.

Proven and Reliam 24/7 Alcohol Monitoring

We chose Soberlink for it's reliable, cost effective, and innovative technology. A means for 24/7 Alcohol Monitoring without the need for costly, pesky ankle monitors, other needed equipment, or base-stations.

  • Small, Handheld, Durable, and Lightweight.
  • FDA, 510K, Medical Grade, Portable Breathalyzer.
  • Government Grade, Adaptive Facial Recognition.
  • Scheduled and Random Testing. (Ensures 24 Hour Compliance)
  • Verizon Wireless Data Reporting. (No Base Req.)
  • Real-Time, Local Monitoring, and Reporting.
  • Tamper Resistant, Alarm Technology.
  • Widely Accepted and Validated by Courts.
  • Monitored by Certified Event Interventionist.

Frequently Asked Questions

24/7 Remote BAC Monitoring

How does the Soberlink Device work?

Soberlink Cellular Devices test for the presence of alcohol in human breath and use facial recognition to confirm identity during each breath test. BAC results are wirelessly transmitted in real-time via Verizon’s Private Network to Soberlinks' cloud-based management software. All "positive" test, or questionable facial recognition flags must be verified by a human, i.e., the PSA. All testing is routinely monitored by a PSA for consistent human verification, and not relied upon solely on the facial recognition software.

What are Soberlinks key advantages over other methods of remote monitoring.

The Soberlink Cellular Device is the only remote alcohol monitoring system cleared by the FDA. Since 2011, Soberlink has been the leader in real-time, remote alcohol monitoring with solutions for court ordered monitoring, child custody monitoring, and recovery management monitoring. Soberlink’s robust tamper detection, reliability, and proven track record separates itself from other alcohol monitoring systems.


  • Real-time results.
  • Conveniently test anywhere.
  • More reliable for zero tolerance alcohol monitoring.
  • Cost effective when compared other methods.
  • Cheaper and more cost effective.
  • No pesky ankle bracelets or base-stations.

How accurate are the test results?

The Soberlink Device contains a professional-grade fuel-cell sensor with a detection range of 0.000% – 0.400% BAC and accuracy level of +/- .005 BAC. The fuel cell that Soberlink uses is globally trusted and used for high-end workplace and law enforcement breath alcohol instruments. If you would like to learn more about the fuel-cell technology Soberlink uses, you can visit the fuel cell manufacturer’s website at

Has Soberlink ever been challenged in court?

Yes. Soberlink has successfully testified, defended, and validated the accuracy and reliability of the Device in several courts throughout the country. 

What is considered a violation and what happens after?

A violation occurs when a candidate breaches a condition ordered by court or other agency. As it relates to Soberlink BrAC monitoring it is considered when a missed or failed breath sample is given, or if the device is tampered with in any way. Any violation that occurs will be reported immediately to one or more of the following appropriate agencies: the prosecuting attorneys, court, LEO, or other agency.

***The PSA may not only report violations, but also any progress and completion of program outlines. 

We're happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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